I am racing with the stars,
And I know I can defeat them;
I have the will and the drive,
And I won’t let anything stop me.

I’ll keep on going,
No matter what the cost,
And I’ll cross the finish line victorious.

It seemed hard at a point
I was hurt below the belt
But now I am healed and I am whole
I am back on my feet
and I am ready to race
I know now that I can win
I am racing with the stars and I know I can defeat them



Sometimes I wonder

Staring at a random girl’s instagram
Would she be like her
Or is she her ?!

Would we click such photos ?

Or would she dress up for me like her
Maybe I should text her

Just as a precaution

In case Cupid forgot me
And I am left on my own

Maybe I should charm her
Fake my interest

Like I used to do

In all my subject
The IITian wayy

She would be easy to swoon
She looks like an innocent boon
Shit am I a predator

Or do I not respect them

Let me just masturbate
To let this feeling evaporate

Wait, does she also daydream
Thinking of other men

Would she still think so

When I am in her den

Why is it so hard
To see my partner as human?!



Samagra Sharma

Samagra Sharma


Computer Science and Philosophy! IITR grad. Your Sheldonian neighbour with a Leonardic nature.